Education in MIPT

Online master’s program “Contemporary Combinatorics” (poster)

This program is focused on the modern aspects of combinatorics (discrete mathematics) and its applications in computer science and in the theory of complex networks. Students both study advanced state-of-the-art methods used in discrete mathematics and foster intuition of working with discrete objects and models and do research in various topics of discrete mathematics – either pure or applied.

Two-year Master’s program at MIPT “Advanced Combinatorics” (poster)
The program was founded in 2015. It focuses on deep, research-oriented teaching of Combinatorial Geometry, Game Theory, Discrete Analysis, Random Graphs, Analysis of Complex Networks and other relevant fields.

All courses are taught in English by highly qualified professors and renown Russian mathematicians.

Four-year Bachelor’s program at MIPT “Computer Science” (poster)

The program is balanced between the fundamentals and the applied facets of the computer science. It includes courses on modern programming languages and computer architectures, but what makes it special is that significant part of the program is devoted to mathematics that drives the classical and cutting edge algorithms.  The interplay between the theory and applications in computer science is undisputable: network design and logistics are enabled by graph theory, cryptography is enabled by number theory, information transmission is enabled by coding theory, and many more connections may be listed. Our graduates have both solid understanding of the theories within discrete mathematics, as well as of the ways these theories can be (and are) applied.

Deep Learning School (poster)

Deep Learning School – organization supported by PSAMI MIPT and Lab of Innovation (MIPT). The purpose of our courses is to acquaint students with the basic principles of deep learning (neural networks) in an interactive format and with practical tasks.